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.Cruise Credo

<Partnerships >
We will constantly establish intimate relationships with our dealers and customers based upon their merits in order to ensure life-long City Cruise partners.

< Behavior > 
We will deal with all matters swiftly and efficiently with a constant awareness of humility while never forgetting a feeling of gratitude to our customers and colleagues.

< Product Planning >
We will not be afraid to break sweat by visiting sites in order to acquire a complete understanding of all customer requirements, and continue to create products that contain a new sense of value and that lead us into the future.

< Attitude Towards Work >
We will adopt a sense of yearning that prevents us from being satisfied with current conditions in order to ensure that we always aim for the City Cruise style of fastidiousness as true professionals.

< Work Targets >
We will maintain clear targets in order to improve our sense of humanity via the City Cruise policy of constantly reviewing and moving forward.

< Security >
We will strictly observe all levels of privacy and security with regards to confidential information and intellectual property belong to our dealers, customers, colleagues and company.

< Compliance >

We shall accept full social responsibility for everything we undertake as a corporation, and ensure that all of our activities strictly conform to all laws and comply with every level of social common sense.

< Site Cleanliness >
We will do everything in our power to keep surrounding areas neat and tidy in order to ensure that all work areas remain hygienic and comfortable to work in.

< Politeness >
We will also ensure that our outward appearance and choice of words are proper and applicable in order to earn the respect of other people in any situation.

< Health >
We will pay close attention to our health and maintain ourselves in the optimal condition for work.

< Family Bonds >
We believe deeply in family bonds, and hope that all family members can share in the joy of working for City Cruise.

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