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Details on the Collection, Use and Provision of Personal Information
Definition of Personal Information
City Cruise Co., Ltd. defines all information that can identify specific people, including names, addresses, telephone numbers, facsimile numbers and e-mail addresses, as personal information.
Collection, Use and Provision of Personal Information
Personal information is only collected and used when the purpose of collection has been clearly defined and the owner of the information has issued full agreement, and then only within the scope of requirement. Collected information shall not be divulged to third parties if the owner of the information does not issue agreement. However, there are cases in which information will be divulged in the event that legal requests are issued by organizations with the authority to demand divulgence, such as courts of law, the police and consumer centers, etc.
Personal Information Processing for Sub-Contractors
When the processing of personal information is to be sub-contracted to other parties, companies that fully conform to personal information protection standards will be selected, and they will be obliged to conclude contracts that specify the handling of personal information in detail.
Personal Information Processing as a Sub-Contractor
When the processing of personal information is to be sub-contracted to City Cruise Co., Ltd. by other parties, all information will be strictly managed and used within the ranges stipulated in contracts.
Appropriate Management of Personal Information
All collected personal information will be maintained accurately in an up-to-date manner, all rational safety measures will be implemented to prevent the personal information from being illegally accessed, stolen, damaged, modified or leaked to third parties, and all necessary measures for revision shall be established. Also, to ensure the smooth operation of services, all personal information shall be stored for a predetermined period of time.
In the event that information entered in the prescribed forms during inquiries and requests for documentation, etc., is unclear to an extent that real estate agents are not able to establish contact or send out requested information, etc., note that there may be cases in which City Cruise contacts the user directly within the scope of requirement in order to ensure the smooth provision of services.
Strict Observance of Laws and Regulations

City Cruise Co., Ltd. strictly conforms to all laws and other regulations related to personal information. City Cruise’s personal information protection policies are also in full alignment with these laws and other regulations, and all personal information is handled in accordance with the stipulations laid out within them.

Constant Improvement of Personal Information Protection Policies

City Cruise Co., Ltd. reviews its personal information protection policies at regular intervals and when otherwise deemed necessary in order to ensure that they are constantly being improved.

Publication, Deletion, Revision and Usage Suspension of Personal Information

Owners of personal information stored for predetermined periods of time by City Cruise Co., Ltd. may request the publication, revision and deletion of said information as a basic principle. Applications for this are to be directed to the contact number listed below. Such matters will be dealt with immediately once it has been confirmed that the application has been submitted by the person in question.


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